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Warren Zeiders Releases New Single 'Pretty Little Poison'

* Adapted from Broadway World

Rising country star Warren Zeiders shares new single "Pretty Little Poison" via Warner Records. Alongside the track, he announces the new upcoming EP, Pretty Little Poison (Sampler), to be released on April 14. Including "Pretty Little Poison," previous single "West Texas Weather," and two new tracks, the EP is a sampler of what's to come on Warren's forthcoming summer album.

Led by Zeiders' powerful vocals, the stripped-down track illustrates a battle between head and heart. "This is my favorite song that I've ever written," says Zeiders. "Like a moth to a flame, this song is about being led into temptation between love and toxicity. Choosing something or someone that we ultimately know will hurt us in the end."

Written by Jared Keim, Ryan Beaver and Warren Zeiders and produced by the GRAMMYâ Award-winning Ross Copperman, "Pretty Little Poison" arrives on the heels of vibrant single "West Texas Weather." As he continues to work on his anxiously awaited full-length debut for Warner Records, Zeiders has much more to come in 2023.

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