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February 3, 2021 - Young and ambitious country singer, Roman Alexander hit the ground running last fall with the release of his debut EP, Between You & Me, garnering over 6 million streams and praise from voices all over the music world. The EP and singles have been soaring in streams, leading to Spotify naming Roman Alexander as a Hot Country Artist to Watch in 2021. Roman says of the nomination,

"Being named a 2021 Hot Country artist to watch is something that I don’t take for granted. Having the support from Spotify that I have had the last few months has been career-changing for me. I’m thankful and can’t wait to perform for the fans that Hot Country has helped me build."

The title track, "Between You & Me", has been a favorite among country listeners with over 3.5 million streams since its release in November of 2020. The song has gained so much traction, in fact, it is slated at number six on the Rolling Stone's Top 25 Trending Songs of the Week.

American Songwriter says of Roman being added to Hot Country Artists to Watch,

"[A] Stellar young troubadour who already has two decades of performing under his belt and has won over the industry and fans with his earnest and confident performances."

Roman joins the likes of new country artists Priscilla Block, Kidd G, Willie Jones, Kameron Marlowe, Ian Munsick, Nate Smith, Brittney Spencer, Tiera, and Lainey Wilson. Alexander and company are the first class ever of Spotify Hot Country Artists to Watch.

Through his development from New Music Nashville to New Boots to Wild County to ultimately landing on Hot Country without ever being on country radio, Roman is paving an unconventional path for growth, dependent heavily on a digital audience. Roman has successfully tapped into this digital audience on TikTok, landing his music on the For You Page which resulted in an increase in both followers and streams.

In January, "Cocktail Conversations" made its rounds onto the Today Show segment with Hoda and Jenna, while "Between You & Me" charted on Spotify's US Viral 50 in December 2020. Speaking on the success of his debut EP, Roman says, "I'm extremely excited and blessed to be where I’m at and to continually watch the songs I’ve released, grow each day. I’m constantly in the process of writing and recording the best songs I have and I'm really looking forward to making some life long fans."

Roman is eager to share what's next and is looking ahead to upcoming acoustic versions of his EP tracks as well as some exciting collaborations. Even though a newcomer in the country music scene, Roman Alexander is proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Between You & Me EP Track Listing 1. Beautiful Girls 2. Girl Trouble 3. Bad For Me 4. Between You and Me 5. Cocktail Conversations

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