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Roman Alexander Drops Seductive New Song, ‘Cocktail Conversations’

*Adapted from Country Now

When planning his next single release, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Roman Alexander knew what he wanted to say, he just wasn’t sure exactly how he wanted to say it.

Then one day, he had a writing session with Dylan Altman and John Caldwell and things just fell into place.

“I remember walking in with Dylan and John and they were like, ‘what do you like, what do you enjoy?'” Alexander recalls.

He looked to a recent night out with friends as inspiration.

“I told them, well, ‘I like cigars and I like Elvis and last night I had an Old Fashioned at a cocktail lounge with my buddies.”

From there, the co-writers crafted “Cocktail Conversations,” a song Alexander says is a perfect representation of who he is as an artist.

“It was just one of those songs…it was the first time a song clicked and I was like, this is me. It’s authentically me,” he explains. “Even talking about the Elvis tattoo in the song. It’s just very me and it’s a proper introduction of who I am.”

Out now, “Cocktail Conversations” documents a man and woman’s first meeting in a smoky barroom. The sultry song paints a picture in listeners’ minds as the man makes his move: “I did the right thing/ And slid about three seats over/ You looked my way as if to say/ Its okay boy move a little closer.”

Unsure of where the night might lead, they decide to keep things light as they get to know each other over drinks.

“I’m an Old Fashioned/ You’re a Manhattan/ Sitting in a smoky downtown bar/ Have you ever been to LA/ Drove across the country/ In some car that barely starts/ There’s a shine in your eye/ Telling me that you might just want me to take you home/ At the same time girl I ain’t got no expectations/ These are just cocktail conversations,” Alexander croons throughout the chorus.

With its effortless groove and irresistible romantic storyline, “Cocktail Conversations” is a song you’ll want to have on repeat for days.

Fans can keep up with Roman Alexander on Facebook and Instagram. The rising star plans to release even more new music in the coming months.

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