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Old Dominion Share 3 Previously Unreleased Tracks

*Adapted From Billboard

Old Dominion are offering fans new music with the reveal of several previously unreleased tracks. Back in April, the country act shared these older songs on Instagram and explained why they didn’t originally make the final cut. All 3 are now available on the most recent self-titled LP.

The songs included in this new release are:

“Goes Without Sayin'" was originally recorded when OD was making their independent EP, Meat and Candy. In this oldie, frontman Matthew Ramsey’s vocals are emotive as he sings of no longer being able to say I love you to his girl. “How could it just disappear/ I don’t know how we got here/ Broke without breaking/ Drunk without drinking/ They don’t tell you when your time is up/ I guess sometimes love goes without saying/ Goes without saying goodbye,” he croons on the song’s chorus alongside soaring electric guitar.

“I’m On It.” Another heartbreak ballad, was slotted to also appear on their debut album Meat and Candy. “The album was done but at the last minute we wrote a song called ‘Song for Another Time’ and had to cut a song to make room for the new one. So it was out with ‘I’m on it’ and in with ‘Song for Another Time.’” In 2016, “Song for Another Time” went on to hit No. 1 on Billboard ’s Country Airplay chart.

"Can't Get You", written by Matthew Ramsey, Josh Osborne, and Andrew Dorff is the final addition to the self-titled LP.

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