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Old Dominion Releases New Song 'Hawaii' From Upcoming Album

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The new album from Old Dominion won’t release until next month, but the band is sharing one of the new tracks now.

Hawaii” is “one of our favorite songs from the new album,” Old Dominion said. It released Friday, September 17, and the rest of the album, Time Tequila & Therapy, is coming up on October 8. Frontman Matthew Ramsey said, introducing the latest song with the rest of his bandmates: “Its a song that we were inspired to write by the beautiful, tropical place called Hawaii. We love it there, we love this song. We hope you do, too.”

The tropical, reminiscent track reflects on a “couple fools in paradise.” Ramsey sings:

“Swept up in the blue / We’re living life in a movie / Just like Elvis and Priscilla, yeah the both of us / Drinking pineapple rum out of a coconut / By the ocean, happy as a ukulele / Yeah, that rainbow we were under / Sometimes I wonder why we / Ever left Hawaii”

Earlier this year, Old Dominion debuted “I Was On A Boat That Day” just in time for summer. The summer anthem is about "letting this sun and the rum just do what it does.”

Listen to Old Dominion’s “Hawaii” here:

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