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Old Dominion Float Into Summer With 'I Was On A Boat That Day'

*Adapted from Taste Of Country

Superstar county band Old Dominion’s new single, “I Was on a Boat That Day,” starts and ends sounding like a party, complete with joyful ad-libs, raucous instrumentation, and those sweet, classically Old Dominion rhythms and rhymes.

According to lead singer Matt Ramsey, the new song isn’t a new idea for the band. In fact, he says, "It started about six or years ago" (quote via 101.3 KFDI).

"We had the idea right about when we were writing "Break Up With Him,"" Ramsey shares. That single, of course, arrived in January of 2015 and became Old Dominion's first No. 1 hit.

"I don’t know how many times we decided not to write this song," Ramsey continues, going on to explain that co-writers Shane McAnally and Josh Osbourne actually helped the band see the idea for what it could be. He adds, "We were in Asheville, N.C., when it came around again. We realized it wasn’t a joke title but a really fun title.”

Since they knew the song needed to sound like a “party, and a little intoxicated,” Ramsey recounts, “We drank some tequila and went in and did our best little party dance song.”

Adds OD member Brad Tursi, "It’s just … a little heartbreak song, about a guy who’s not really heartbroken in this particular moment because he’s on a boat and he’s having fun and he’ll deal with the rest tomorrow."

After hearing the song, listeners will be pretty sure that guy is gonna be just fine. The new summer anthem dropped on Friday (May 21), the same day most tickets for Old Dominion's Live at the Ballpark Tour went on sale.

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